Saturday, 23 June 2007


A favourite time of my month is when the new issue of delicious is published. All those possibilities for well, delicious food.

So far this month (the July issue), I've made mulligatawny; something I've always known about, but never tried. A Jamie Oliver recipe in a feature about inexpensive cuts of meat, it was very easy and most enjoyable. I needed to add some more water when I added the rice though, and cook it for a further 20 minutes.

This month, I'm also keen to cook: brisket cottage pie (also Jamie), beef biryani, lemongrass & coconut chicken on egg noodles, and Bill Granger's chickpea soup. The pumpkin, sage and ricotta on the front cover looks enticing too.


Beth said...

I've decided that the pumpkin sage & ricotta is my assignment for this week (and a most enjoyable assignment too!)

I'll give you an update!

delamare said...

Yes please!