Monday, 25 June 2007

Lemongrass & coconut chicken on egg noodles

I made another recipe from this month's delicious this evening; lemongrass and coconut chicken on egg noodles. I only added half the fish sauce (one tablespoon instead of two) and cut the chilli down, so we could all eat it. It was a hit with everyone, and quick and easy as well. I'll make it again.

It's said that sitting down to a family meal is the best way of bonding with your children too. Tonight I learnt that Miss Mucks can well and truly stand up for herself at school, thanks to a story Number One Son told us about how she got a soccer ball back from some of her male schoolmates. It seems that she can hold her own, which is great to hear because her own stories about life at school don't always suggest that she does.

Hunting around desparately too for my copy of the Sunday Age magazine from 17 June. I thought I'd put it away somewhere safe (a surefire way of losing something) because I wanted to make the lamb curry this week. It's a Karen Martini recipe, so it's bound to work very well.

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