Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A new home...

This is a dusty old corner of the worldwideinterweb ... I've not posted a thing since February 2009!

I've come back with a plan. A friend of mine has been charting the making of her new home via her most entertaining blog, The House at Porter Street. In it you can read all about the trials and tribulations of the purchase, the move, and now the transformation of a rather unloved house into a lovely new home for herself, her little boy and her no longer married parents. (It's a long story - visit her blog to find out more.)

I've decided to borrow the idea with pride (ie be a blatant copycat), and chart the making of our new home, which we bought - ta da - last Sunday! I figure it's a great way of charting all the ideas I will have in the lead up to moving into the house and then how it goes when we actually get there.

So here she is, our new home come August.

She's a funny old thing, but with great bones. One family has owned it since it was built in 1928; the old lady lived there from birth until recently when dementia took over and she needed to move into assisted care. We're buying the house from nice people; their grandfather built it and they are pleased that we intend renovating it rather than pulling it down to make way for a boxlike structure.

The big renovation won't happen for a year or two. I'm of the view that you need to move in and live with a place for a while before you make major changes. But we do need to make some changes now to make it cosy and comfortable for a family of five (11 if you count all the pets!*) to live in happily.

So, let's see how I go at charting our adventure, in the house in Gough Street.

*One cat, two rabbits and three guinea pigs

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