Thursday, 7 April 2011

But first things first

Earlier this week, in the happy fog of new home purchase (no regrets - yay!), I was full of ideas about what we might do with the new place, stage one. That's the stage of living it in a while until we do a Great Big Renovation - temporary kitchen, furniture stashed in the garage, books in boxes in the bungalow.

But that has now shifted. My attention is completely on this house, our comfortable and happy home of 13.5 years, that's due to be auctioned on 28 May. A house that is freshly painted outside and in (except for two bedrooms), with super shiny floorboards and a gorgeous kitchen. And unfortunately with a very messy garden and piles of stuff everywhere thanks to the two adults and three kids who live within. It's amazing how many stuffed animals one can acquire in 13 years....

This is a very old picture of our current place, but you get the idea.

There is an awful lot to do. I have now cancelled a planned road trip to Sydney over Easter and will be concentrating on schmicking things up instead.

Good thing we've got an attic. And there's a ruthless mother (me) on the case; teddies beware.

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