Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lucky me

I got some lovely homewares for Christmas (and yes, I know I'm late in posting about this, but it's been a busy month).

My mum gave me this beautiful, intensely blue platter. It came from Market Import and was wrapped in loads of bright, happy tissue paper. I've used it to serve food, but most of the time it's sitting on my table with stone fruit on it.

My brother and sister must have been reading my blog, because they gave me some lovely pieces of Bison (actually, I think my mum told them that I really wanted some for Christmas!). I've since added the little mango coloured bottle and the big purpley one with money my aunt gave me for Christmas.


LexyB said...

Lucky you ... a nice bunch of ceramics will always pick a girl up.

Catherine said...

Market Import...I've been there a couple of times on trips to Melbourne - great shop. I also like the teeny tiny Sanders and King next door.
I'm coveting your Bison wares!

delamare said...

Catherine, if you do make it over to Melbourne to visit Kath we may have to pay a sneaky visit to both Market Import and S&K!