Thursday, 11 December 2008

What I'd like for Christmas please

Now I've got most of my Christmas shopping done (including the shopping I need to help my mother-in-law and brother-in-law do), I've been thinking what I would like for Christmas.

While a new black handbag would be nice, what I would really like is some Bison ceramics. My Mum gave me a beautiful big teardrop vase like this for my birthday recently - it's a grey green colour, and it looks fantastic with glossy green leaves in it.

I would love one of these beautiful platters ... but they are on the expensive side. And anyway, I happen to know that my very generous Mum has already purchased a bright blue platter from one of my favourite shops (Market Import) for my Christmas present.

So I'd be delighted to receive some of these bowls. I already have plenty of bowls in different shapes and sizes, but there's something about the shape of these ones, and their weight, that is so delectable.

I'd be just as happy with a selection of these little milkbottles to put flowers in.

Really, anything Bison would be just lovely. But which of these juicy colours would I choose? They are all delicious.

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Catherine said...

I love bison products too. Such gorgeous shapes.