Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Now is the time for Christmas

While I love my overseas magazines, it always seems a bit ... well, sad ... when the Christmas issues appear in Australian newsagencies in January or February. Which is why I visited the Livingetc site this evening to see what's what at Christmas, at the right time of the year.

Here's what they're featuring right now.

And my favourite image. It's all that white again.

Of course, we do some lovely Christmassy issues of Australian magazines too, including my favourite, Inside Out. This is a particularly lovely issue ... a real celebration of how we do Christmas here.

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Catherine said...

I'm right with you...work is hectic, I still have Christmas baking and presents to finish, and like you, my son's babysitting fell through last week. In desperation I took him to work with me on Friday...where he got into my email system and accidently sent a message to the whole entire staff on my floor (from me) saying 'I'm bored'. There was a mad scrample to retrieve the message, but still, about dozen people read it. Stress levels very high!