Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas is coming

I love Christmas. Always have, and hope I always will.

My love for Christmas comes from being part of a family that has always really celebrated it. We're big on traditions - what we eat, what we do, and what we enjoy. And I'm really enjoying sharing these traditions with my own three children now.

It starts each year with an advent calendar. Over the past five years or so I've been lucky enough to have a Matthew Rice advent calendar - here is the one we have this year.

They don't seem to be available in Australia, and while the Emma Bridgewater site does mail order, her postage costs are ridiculously expensive. (Emma Bridgewater, one of my very favourite china designers, is illustrator Matthew Rice's wife.) My source of calendars is my own family - if anyone is travelling to the UK in the latter part of the year, we always request that they bring several of them home.

And my kids love them too, fighting over who gets to start them each year (my ten year old daughter was the one this year). Although I suspect they would like them better if there was chocolate lurking behind each of the little doors...

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