Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Sausages, roasted onion and mash

Number One Son made a special request for tonight's evening meal; sausages, roasted onion and mashed potato. It sounds boring, but it is delicious (so delicious that he declared that it was one of his top five favourite meals), especially when made with good quality sausages. I made it this evening with small chipolatas from my second favourite butcher, but I've made it also with excellent Italian sausages from one of the speciality Italian grocers in Sydney Road, Brunswick. Those sausages took this dish to a completely different level.

This is a Bill Granger recipe, from his latest book Every Day. He calls it 'Sausages with Caramelized Onions and Parmesan Mash'. I've had to drop the parmesan from the mash because Miss Mucks (my nine year old daughter) won't eat parmesan in mashed potato, even though she loves it grated on pasta. And I've had to cut back on the chilli flakes in the caramelized onions so The Little Guy (my four year old) will eat it too.

These are not great sacrifices however. It is still a filling, very satisfying family meal, perfect for a cold, very wet winter's night.


Beth said...

Hmm, it is a great dilemma - what is the best winter comfort food? I'm torn between sausages, mash & brown onion gravy (which I also made last weekend) and my lightly spiced roast pumpkin soup (courtesy of Iain Hewittson) with some fresh sourdough. I will commit myself to much ongoing research!

delamare said...

Or how about a nice bean-based chunky soup? Or a classic roast chicken? Or a slow cooked casserole? Oh, so many choices ...and we haven't even mentioned puddings yet!